Why should you use the Canada Freelancer?

Why should you use the Canada Freelancer?

Today, remote jobs are attractive options for business owners and freelancers. There are lots of advantages but the most important ones are to have more flexibility, save more money, and get the job done better.  However, there is a big problem yet: how to find a reliable freelance jobs website. A well-curated freelance website in this industry which is available in Canada and accommodates worldwide services is crucial. Recently we made a platform with the mentioned features which were not available before then. In the Canada freelancer website, we make it easy for employers and Canadian freelancers to get in touch with each other. As an employer or a freelancer read this article to know the reasons why you should use the Canada Freelancer?

As an employer:

  • Experts with different skills

Working with the Canada Freelancer can release you from drowning in details of different small projects. You don’t have to learn a lot of things which are not relevant to your own business and you can focus on the main responsibilities because you hire professionals in their fields. Canada freelancer is a marketplace that encompasses any scopes you need, from content production and blog posts to engineering designing and IT. You can see resumes from more than one hundred people, their work samples, their recommendations, and even their scores from projects which they have done in Canada Freelancer.

  • Cheaper prime cost

Finding a freelance website is one thing but finding a trustworthy freelance website that offers you versatile services with less prime cost is another thing. The sign-up process, filling the job position you need, finding appropriate freelancers, and negotiating with them are all free. Additionally, the payment fee in Canada freelancer is much cheaper than other websites in the USA or Europe because all the prices are in the Canadian dollar. 

  • Worldwide services

It’s not important, your company is in Canada or not because different companies around the world can use Canada Freelancer services. There is no difference between services that a Canadian company receives and other companies in different locations.

It’s important to build up a relationship with the freelancer in different steps of the project. So Canada freelancer provides a platform in which you can have a live interaction with freelancers via chat page on the website and email. Even after your project is done by a freelancer you can be in touch with them and they are available to answer your question or if needed complete the project as you wish.

  • COVID 19

Recently the whole world has been faced with a new epidemic disaster. Coronavirus has changed different aspects of human being lives in a way that some of them are not reversible and people are inevitably dispirited. Many companies have been closed and they can not afford the rent for a workplace. On the other hand, people have been unemployed, They can not work full time and need to work for different organizations. As a result, we provide a suitable platform for businesses and freelancers. In Canada freelancer, you just need a laptop to hire creative people and professional freelancers in any topic you need.

  • Job creation for Canada

Canada’s job creation strategies are one of the most important segments of economic development. The Canada freelancer website attends this program in multiple ways. we made a marketplace in which just Canadian freelancers can work in their field of expertise. So in this critical period in which lots of Canadian people are unemployed, they can use our website to showcase their skills in front of the whole world. On the other hand, we accommodate businesses with a list of different services and in return, they pay tax to the government of Canada.

  • Risk-free

The freelance sector is exposed to the fraud danger; identity theft, unreliable accounts, false information, and incorrect addresses. As an employer, you may be concerned about relegating your projects to a real freelancer with correct information that they filled in their profile not someone from nowhere without any accessibility. All freelancers on the Canada freelancer website are from Canada so you don’t need to worry about any kind of fraudulent. They should sign up with a Canadian residential address, Canadian bank account, and upload a photo of themselves with their ID card. So in payment time if we sense that their information is not accurate we block their account till they can prove that they live in Canada.

  • 24/7 services

At any time of the day or night, our support team members are available to respond to you and make a delightful experience for you. It’s not important what is your question, maybe it’s about our job services or even the payment process, make yourself comfortable to ask about it. In any step of your project if you have any questions our support team is available. 

As a freelancer:

  • Easy to use

You can fill your profile in 5 minutes and simple steps and upload your resume, attach your sample works, and link your website, LinkedIn, Instagram page, and other social media. All the sign-up process and find a potential employer is free. Your page in Canada Freelancer would be seen by a minimum of 100 employers, including potential ones, from all around the world in a daily routine. You can put your previous projects in detail which can be helpful for potential employers to see your level of experience in the industry.

  • Little payments requirements

There is no reason for being worry about your payment because Canada freelancer use a safe transaction process for your payments. It’s a no time-consuming process and you just need a Canadian bank account and a photo of yourself and your ID card to prove that you live in Canada and then your payment would be done as easy as possible.

  • Appropriate for everyone with different skill’s level

You don’t need to be a professional expert for being hired. Canada freelancer is a remote jobs marketplace for everyone with any range of expertise in different skills, from fresh graduates to experienced individuals. You can try new projects and improve your skills and knowledge. It could be a great stepping-stone for your newbie skills as a beginner or a promoter for your high-qualify skills as a professional.

  • Variety of jobs opportunities

Searching for a proper job would be a hard task but Canada freelancer with different job categories make it easy for you to be recognized by different companies in the industry from other sides of the world. They can offer you different jobs based on your skills and hourly rate. Also, there are job listing that you can choose between them and find the potential employers who are searching for someone like you and be selective about your jobs. An international job board is an excellent way to expand your career network outside of the country.

  • Co-op programs

Co-op education programs give a great chance for students to work with employers in their field of study. The Canada freelancer website made a convenient marketplace for Canadian students to participate in these programs which is a good break to test their abilities and boost their experience and even get paid for services they offer and it can make an income stream for them. In the Canada freelancer co-op program, they don’t have to work outside their school and they can work during their semesters. During the program, they can connect with people in the industry. So, participating in the Canada freelancer co-op program makes a good network for their future professional path it can guaranty their job after their graduation.

  • Reviews as scores

You can receive great reviews from employers and other ones can see them. Requests from high ranks companies will make a reputation for you. The number of stars on your page is a good reflector of your projects. They are scores from employers with no cost for you or them so try harder to make them five and make your profile more shinny!

In the Canada freelancer website, we try to make a high-quality marketplace for freelance jobs. Reputable brands, entrepreneurs and startups can use our services equally from different sides of the world. We are dedicated to set up a reliable connection between freelancers and employers. We want to build a high qualify freelance community that will become one of the highest leading platforms in the industry.