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    March 28, 2020

    Skateman is the platform where our clients’ innovative ideas are converted into reality. Our team is there to support you in every step of your project process ranging from Web Development to Digital Marketing and including Graphic Design. Let's work together!

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    I will manage your Google Adwords campaign

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    About This Proposal

    We will create a new campaign or optimize an existing ad campaign. 

    We build everything from scratch. We research your business, industry, competitors, create your keywords, search terms, ads, and ad extensions, take care of the settings (biddings, location, goals, ad schedule), and share a small audit (bonus).

    We go into your account, review the data, do all the necessary work, optimize your keywords, search terms, ads, and ad extensions. We turn off low performing elements, create new ads for A/B testing, push high performers, and share a small audit (bonus).

    We use the Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) approach* where you have full control of your budget & bidding, appear for highly relevant key-words, and hyper-focused ads.


    . Search ad campaign.

    . Ads creation.

    . Positive and negative keywords research and configuration.

    . Demographic configuration (age, gender, language, location, device and platform).

    . Technical configuration (budget, bid, ad scheduling).

    . Video screen share with everything we have done.

    . Small audit.

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