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    March 28, 2020

    Skateman is the platform where our clients’ innovative ideas are converted into reality. Our team is there to support you in every step of your project process ranging from Web Development to Digital Marketing and including Graphic Design. Let's work together!

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    I will build a professional website for your business.

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    About This Proposal

    I'm an experienced website builder.

    One of the key success factors in building a professional website, is modern design combined with user friendly architecture that functions properly on any device.  If these factors are not executed effectively, your customers won't trust you.

    I am ready to go deep into your goals and needs and offer you full development support at every step.


    • Custom Design
    • Fully Mobile-responsive 
    • Up to 5 Pages

    CATALOG PACKAGE (additionally to corporate package):

    • Up to 10 pages
    • Up to 5 corporate Email addresses 
    • Google Maps & Webmaster Tools
    • SEO Optimized

    PREMIUM PACKAGE (additionally to catalog and corporate package):

    • Premium Design
    • Up to 15 Pages
    • Up to 10 corporate Emails addresses
    • 1 Year SSL Certificate
    • Instant chat box

      If you are not sure about the package, please send me a message I will find the best solution for you.

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