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    Forget about impressions and followers. My goal is to increase the total number of profile and website visits to your online store so that your sales increase.

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    I Will Manage and Design Custom Instagram | Facebook Posts for Your Business

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    Stop paying $500 to $1000/ month on marketing. Millennial students are talented, understand social media, and are willing to work for less. Our start up "Social Soar Canada" was mentioned in editorials as being the first student-driven marketing agency in Vancouver AND now expanding our online services into Toronto!

    The Solution for Your Business: Millions of consumers already spend hours per day on there phone scrolling through social media feeds. Many smart business owners caught on, and began advertising on platforms like Instagram for nearly free; to drive real traffic into their storefront or website. While you focus on the operational task of running your business, let our team focus on growing your social media presence to drive you more traffic!

    To learn more, please reply directly to this post or on our website www.socialsoarcanada.com. Mandatory to include in your message: 1. An email to contact you with 2. A brief statement about your business, and what your marketing goal is 3. The name of the social media account you want to grow

    We are looking to accept a maximum of [5] new clients this month, so looking forward to getting started!


    1 post/two weeks $69.99/mo

    1 post per week $99.99/mo

    2 posts per week $149.99/mo

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