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    Create optimized, modern, responsive & functional Websites.

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    About This Proposal

    I am working in the fields of web, software development, content writing and Social media marketing from 17 Years.

    WEBSITE, WEB/MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: What happens when you need a user-friendly and attractive face (read platform) for your brand? I can come into the picture!

    STATIC / DYNAMIC WEBSITES: You have your business going great guns and now you want to grow it exponentially all over the country, or you want to enter a specific market and aim to make a kill with your first step itself – Either of the situation (or any kind), I am there to help you out. Right from plain HTML code-supported Static Websites to server-side scripted Dynamic Websites, we create B2B/B2C/C2C websites, content management systems, e-commerce platforms, flash & portal website, payment gateway integration, web directory and make every step of yours towards development all the simpler.

    MOBILE / TABLET APP: With the smartphones and tablet market growing at a high pace, it has become extremely important to be connected and available to the users of your brand with a 24x7 approach. I will help you develop mobile/tablet apps and deploy over the cloud, social media integration for your brand’s applications, designing device-specific apps for various smartphone platforms, mobile payment integration, develop and deploy location-aware apps and mobile augmentation, platform migration, mobile catalog, and m-Commerce.

    FACEBOOK APPS: You might be strategizing ample possibilities to market your brand and reach out/interact with your existing and potential users, but the process remains incomplete without engaging them through Facebook applications. Whether it is a contest, campaign or a simple creative, I can help you include the mentioned on your brand’s FB page and create an independent application for the platform.

    LANDING PAGES: With designing landing pages for your brand, I will help the brand to capture the visitor’s information through a lead-capture form. From optimizing pages for campaigns, specific advertisements, pay-per-click advertorials and more, building custom-page templates to increase conversions right into your content management system and all digital marketing campaigns, I can help you utilize the landing pages in the best possible manner.

    SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: "If you build, they will come" approach might be tried and tested formula for many sectors to get their target audience, but I make sure no stone remains unturned to drive traffic to your brand web page. From exploring opportunities to syndicate your brand, improve brand’s customers’ loyalty to higher conversion rates constantly, I make sure your brand applies the best marketing plan!

    DIGITAL MARKETING: What happens when you need to match your brand's vision, goals, and services with your user's requirements and needs in the digital space? I come into the picture!

    BANNER ADS: While people spend an enormous amount of time surfing the internet, I help you reach your target audience through all kinds of web pages. By creating innovative image/text-based advertisements, strategically placing them, monitoring their effectiveness and keeping track of the returns, I help you make the most of these banner advertisements.

    SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Search Engine Optimization being the initial step towards achieving digital success for your brand, I concentrate on getting you the highest rank amongst the search engines and drive visitors to your web pages further with the following approaches:- Through On-Page Optimization, I make your web pages attractive and keyword-friendly for the search engines and by Off-Page Optimization, we incorporate various techniques of link building to boost your brand's website ranking and garner more popularity. I have a record of getting our associated brand's website on the first page of Google search within 3 months, amongst the top 8 searches within 6 months, amongst the top 5 searches of the search engine result pages by 8 months and finally to the top 4 searches by the 11th-12th month for all your keywords. And i plan to do the same for you too! (And fastening the process, maybe!)

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