Only freelancers based in Canada are currently able to join.

Every six months, we update the status of freelancers on the platform. If a student is unable to work legally in Canada, their account will be temporarily suspended until we receive an update on their status.

Yes, but only if their address or bank information has changed.

Yes, if they are working with a company in Canada and the Canadian company is willing to act as a sponsor for the freelancer, they may use the platform until the company updates the freelancer’s status. We also encourage innovative approaches to joining the platform. (Coming Soon)

To join, you must be a Canadian citizen or have the legal right to work in Canada. You will need to schedule an appointment for an interview and verification process.

If it is discovered that you are not based in Canada, your account will be permanently suspended and you will not be able to create a new account on the Canada Freelancer website. Any funds in your account will also be frozen.

No, it is not allowed to use someone else’s information to create an account, regardless of your location.

Freelancers based in Canada are required to follow certain rules and regulations set by the Canadian government. Additionally, freelancers on this platform have a legal responsibility to adhere to certain standards, and any violations will result in the freelancer being held accountable for their actions. All projects on the platform are also subject to a non-disclosure agreement to protect the confidentiality of the information being handled.

Yes, we are planning to add this feature to the Canada Freelancer website in the near future.