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Primarily working as a graphic, web and branding designer for small businesses, I also have experience working in manager and leadership roles. Because of my history and real-world experience I also work with clients in short term consulting roles to strategize marketing schedules and implement systems for scalability, function and profit.

While most of my work is typically quoted per project, I am currently taking on clients for freelance gigs to round out my schedule and spice things up a little.

What sets me apart from the typical designer is my outgoing personality, friendliness and ability to manage people. With over a decade in managerial experience in retail and hospitality, I am excellent at reading and understanding clients so that I can provide them with the best overall experience for the work they are looking for.

With a natural inclination to all things technical, my computer skills are one part of my resume balanced by my passion for art and literature. On paper, this reads for proficient Adobe Skills and creative writing with a keen eye for aesthetics.

“A jack of all trades is master of none, but oftentimes better then a master of one.”




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