About “Robyn Designs”

Robyn McCarthy realized her passion for design and decor at a young age. Since she was a child, she would pick out the colours, decor, and furniture for her families homes and it turned out she had quite the eye for it! When it came time to chose a career path it was it was quite clear that interior design was the road she would take. Robyn embarked on a 4 year apprenticeship at a reputable design firm in her home town, Halifax Nova Scotia. At the same time, she worked alongside her Father at his construction company where she offered her design expertise for his clients. Shortly after that, she moved across the country to Vancouver where she decided it was time to spread her wings and open her own Design & Decor firm in the city she loves the most!



Robyn has always had a natural ability to connect with people & has always had a passion for interior design since she was very young. In her older years she realized there is a hole in the market of interior design here in Canada. People often connect it with unnecessary money spent; or the “do it myself” mentality, which ends up costing more in the end. Or the typical cookie cutter grey on grey vibe which goes against everything we believe in. So she created Robyn Designs to really give people a break and make them heard. Yes, thats right. A break. Robyn Designs is dedicated to saving you money and headaches. We want it to be completely seamless for you. We understand time is money, and when your expectations are set to something great it is pivotal for us to deliver.


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