A Big Opportunity for Canada Freelancer Members!

A Big opportunity from one of our new partners Beeznests Connection Ltd.


“We have a lot of paid project opportunities for different industry experts/freelancers.

Beeznests is looking for Academic Team Leads. Please keep reading if you are an industry expert with experience in marketing/digital marketing/software engineer/graphic design/UI/UX design/app/web development.

Note: this position is flexible and part-time. Even if you have a formal full-time job, you can take this as a side project.
Academic teams are a group hiring model that consists of 1 experienced professional (team lead) and multiple students.

facilitate and lead the project
delegate tasks to student
project management (ensure the quality)
Benefits include:- good pay- flexible hours- remote group work- build a collaborative network 
In an academic team, the team lead’s role is to facilitate and lead the project, delegate tasks to students, and ensure the quality of work completed. I believe this would be a great opportunity for various reasons.
It’s a collaborative network model that enables you to earn some money.  
Why this model can help you build your side mini business: 
Team Leads will work alongside students on large-scaled paid projects, and provide guidance. As Team Leads take on more projects with various students, they will build up their own database of trained and worked with students. Overtime, if Team Leads become confident in a certain student’s capabilities, this student can then represent the Team Lead and apply to be a Team Lead themselves to take on a new project. Team Leads will get a portion of revenue from every student representative they’ve trained and have to become Team Leads themselves.

We will have a lot of projects coming up! If interested, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss further. Also, please fill out this form: https://lnkd.in/dkyEvGm

This is the process to as your freelancer sign up as a Beeznests Team lead on our website:

  1. Create a free account on www.beeznests.com using the special code “3857847”. This code will associate your freelancer as “Team Lead associated with Einist” (or whatever name you prefer)

         2. We will let the freelancer know when we get a new project, the team lead can apply directly through there.
         3. Companies will conduct their own screening processes and then proceed to contact the team lead to start the project.         
4. Once the team lead is hired by the company, we will help the team lead to build up the student team 
         5. Let us know what kind of projects you would like to take on by filling out this form.

For more info about the team leads, please check the team lead contract below.”